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Liquid Leather Pro Leather as well as Vinyl Repair Kit

In Tools

  • 7 Intermix colors
  • Bonding film, Re-usable pellet papers
  • Electric pro feverishness tool, Applicator
  • Practice vinyl, Backing fabric
  • Complete instructions

Get a pack a Pros Use! Heat Tool Included!
Professionals have fast, easy repairs to leather, vinyl as well as naugahyde since of a special feverishness apparatus in their kit. This same apparatus is right away accessible to we in your Liquid Leather correct kit. You can correct holes, rips, tears as well as browns in minutes.

The correct devalue colors brew to all renouned shades. The colored correct devalue is practical in to a shop-worn spot, lonesome with a pellet hardness paper, as well as a paper is exhilarated with a special electric feverishness apparatus in your kit. When cool, a pellet paper is peeled off, as well as a correct is finished.

Heat causes a correct devalue to spin in to a tanned hide similar to material…the pellet paper puts a hardness in a correct compound. You can correct automobile as well as vessel seats, automobile tops, luggage, dashboards, bureau furniture, tanned hide jackets… anything finished from genuine leather, vinyl, naugahyde as well as plastic.

Note: The correct is finished but stealing a tanned hide or vinyl is finished right in place.

Price: $ 12.90

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