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Stoner 99002 Complete Vehicle Care Kit

In Car Care

  • Includes all we need to purify your car
  • Clean, Shine, as good as strengthen your vehicle
  • This object is not for sale in Catalina Island
  • Great gift

Stoner Complete Vehicle Care Kit is the 12-can pack which gives we all we need to clean, shine, as good as strengthen your car, truck, RV, or vessel similar to the pros. Demanding detailers, fussy automobile collectors, as good as veteran drivers use these products upon their the the single preferred vehicles. Here’s what we get: Invisible Glass cleans windows, windshields, as good as mirrors so well, you’ll consider they’re invisible. Tarminator fast loosens tar, grease, as good as alternative highway soil which soap as good as H2O can’t remove. XENIT removes burble gum, decals, adhesives, as good as permanent pen from carpeting, metals, glass, as good as more. You’ll never arm-wrestle with disorderly pulp waxes again, once we try SpeedBead as good as BeadMax. Trim Shine creates vinyl, rubber, as good as cosmetic demeanour code new. More Shine Less Time gives lifeless tires the clean, salon look. Fabprotex repels mud as good as liquids to strengthen seating, fabrics, as good as carpeting. You’ll additionally get the single can any of Trim Cleaner, Upholstery as good as Carpet Cleaner, More Shine Less Time for Vinyl Plastic as good as Rubber, as good as GUST Premium Air Duster. Plus we get 2 cleaning cloths as good as 1 potion cleaning towel. 12-can pack comes in the available carrying box with handle.

List Price: $ 49.45

Price: $ 49.45

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